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In order to make the process of reviewing your articles for submission easier, Article Samurai has a number of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to interact with the spin blocks, without needing to use your mouse.

This can save you time on each article review by eliminating the need to constantly move your hand between your keyboard and mouse.

In This Video

In this video we’ll take a look at how to best use the keyboard shortcuts to reduce the time it takes to review an article.

Specifically we’ll look at how to:

  • Open and close a spin block
  • Add a new spin variation
  • Move between spin variations
  • Delete a spin variation
  • Move between spin blocks
  • Add spin variations to a word that was not automatically spun
  • Remove a spin block entirely

Demonstrated Using A Mac

I should also mention that I will be demonstrating this using a Mac. If you are using a PC, instead of using the ‘command’ key you’ll use the ‘ctrl’ key, and instead of using the ‘delete’ key, you’ll use the ‘backspace’ key. If this sounds confusing, please don’t worry, there’ll be a complete list of shortcuts for each system at the end of this video.

Article Is Ready For Review

Ok, let’s now take a look at Article Samurai.

In this example my article is ready for review. It has a:
1) Title
2) Body
3) Resource box
4) Tags
5) links
6) And has already been spun

Move the Cursor

To open a spin block move the cursor onto the spun word you’d like to review using the 'arrow' keys.

Open A Spin Block

Then hold down ‘shift’ and press the ‘OPEN curly bracket’ key.

Move Between Spin Variations

(Please note: The following shortcuts will take effect only when a spin block is open).

To move down between the spin variations, press the ‘tab’ key.

Add A New Spin Variation

If there are only two variations in the spin block, and you’d like to add another, press the ‘tab’ key again and a new variation field will appear below.

Enter Your New Spin Variation

You can then type in another variation.

Remove Spin Variation

If you’d like to remove a spin variation, continually press the delete key until the word is gone

Remove Spin Field

And then once more to make the field disappear.

Move To Previous Spin Variation

If you’d like to move back up to a previous variation, just hold down ‘shift’ while you press the ‘tab’ key and the cursor will move in reverse.

Change Spin Variation

Once again you can make changes as you wish.

Move To Next Spin Block

When you’re ready to move onto the next spin block, hold down the ‘command’ key and press the ‘CLOSE square bracket’ key. The cursor will then move to the first variation in the next spin block where you can repeat the process.

Move To Previous Spin Block

If you need to move back to the previous spin block, hold down the ‘command’ key and press the ‘OPEN square bracket’ key.

You can now repeat this process until you have finished reviewing your entire article.

Close Spin Block

When you’re finished, to close an open spin block, hold down ‘shift’ and press the ‘CLOSE curly bracket’ key.

Move Cursor

If you want to add spin variations to a word that was not automatically spun, use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the beginning of the word that you’d like spin.

Highlight Word To Spin Manually

Then hold down the ‘shift’ key and continually press the ‘arrow’ key until the whole word is highlighted.

Open Spin Block

With the word highlighted you can now open a new spin block by holding down ‘shift’ and pressing the ‘OPEN curly bracket’ key just as before.

Add New Variations

You can now add your own variations using the same method.

Remove Variations

Finally, If you have a spin block with variations that you’d like to remove, just hit the ‘delete’ key until only one variation remains.

Close Spin Block

You can then close the spin block as we did earlier by holding down ‘shift’ and pressing the ‘CLOSE curly bracket’ key. And that’s It!

Complete List Of Keyboard Shortcuts

As promised, here is the list of keyboard shortcuts for both Mac and PC systems.

I hope they help you to reduce the time you spend reviewing your articles.

3 Responses to "Keyboard Shortcuts"

  1. Brian Parnall Says:
    January 13th, 2012 at 5:13 am

    How can you spin within a spin TITLE = {Want An {SEO|S.E.O|Search Engine Optimisation} Companty to Help?|Need An SEO Firm}

  2. Steve Lusa Says:
    May 23rd, 2012 at 10:02 am

    When do you expect Article Samurai to be available?

  3. Dr. Anthony Says:
    May 24th, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    @Brian - sorry about the delayed reply; if you have further questions please contact our support team directly by clicking the "Support" button at the top of this screen! You can spin words in the title with the Manual spin button - the "M" with the arrows around it.

    @Steve - I simply don't know. Both we and our partner networks are in the process of hiring more people to propely support this service, and that takes time. When we're ready, we'll release another batch of licenses! But it's going to be months, not weeks.

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